Easy WaterStarter


Keep the back of the boom on the surface and the rest is easy. The simple addition of the waterstarter to the rear of the boom assists, the essential flying of the rig prior to water starting, it saves lots of effort in rough broken water or when waves are dumping onto the rig, anything that saves energy is key.

Here's what the inventors say:

New from the inventor of EASY-UPHAUL comes the WATERSTARTER float. It's simply the easiest, best way to learn to waterstart. By floating the clew, it allows you to simply hold onto the mast, and the wind automatically positions the board and rig in the perfect waterstart position. When the mast is lifted, since the clew can not sink, the wind blows under the sail and lifts the sail above the water, effortlessly. Since every waterstart is the same and every waterstart is effortless, you learn quickly.

To install, simply strap the WATERSTARTER float to the clew (back end) of the boom, using the four Velcro straps, oriented so the logo is showing.
If you have to swim towards the rig, you'll notice there is very little water on top of the sail. That's because WATERSTARTER floats the clew, preventing the sail from getting pulled under by the waves and current. 

Using the Waterstarter float and The Waterstarter Method:

The Waterstarter method is easy because it uses the wind to do the work.

First, move to the mast head... 

As you gently hold the mast head with one hand, the wind blows the board and sail into the correct starting position and keeps them in that position.

You do no work.

When the wind is blowing from the mast towards the clew, move down the mast a few feet and hold the mast slightly above the water. Since the clew can not sink, the wind lifts the sail above the water.

Now move down the mast, holding the mast with your front hand and grab the boom with your back hand.

The wind is lifting the sail up, not you. 


You are now at the perfect angle to the wind with the sail flying...



Put your back foot on the board, raise the sail and waterstart!

After using the Waterstarter for awhile you can take it off and you will still make every waterstart. You will have mastered waterstarting.