The latest iteration of the Core XR series the XR5 builds on the stunningly successful XR4 and makes several subtle improvements to all the features that made the XR series the free riders kite of choice. Woo height seekers are already breaking their personal bests and gusty water riders are experiencing more linear control in gusts, explosive boosts and super wave riding. 

How is all this possible?

Subtle improvements to the shape, the flight control system, the XR5 like the 4 flys like a bird spreading it wingspan with a simple pull on the bar to generate more lift, likewise sheeting out the bar the XR5 will fold in its wings and depower.

Couple this to Core's continued drive to build perfection, the triple rip stop cloth, Exotex ultra rigid dacron, the speed valve, short bridle system it's 5 strut frame and a whole host of other features combine to what we believe is the finest kitesurfing kite on the market today.