Carved Imperator V Ex Demo/Display


This is the very ultimate kite board, built to a paper like weight, yet with response and 'pop' 2nd to none. There simply is no lighter or responsive board on the market. Even the Carbon fibre with which it is built is the very finest money can buy. Cartoon Carbon is high grade carbon laid up specifically as specified by Carved to generate the response without losing the torsional rigidity.  Not the cheapest board on the market, but then you do without doubt get what you pay for, the bindings and running gear weigh more than the board, but compared to the average run of the mill twin tip, this is in a league of its own, nor be fooled by the 'carbon' offerings from other agricultural board makers, they can weigh twice what this does.

Plus the rail shape is specially design to load and land better with more control at speed, a more rounded 3D edge permits the water to 'wrap' even at speed which affords better edging technique and less likelihood of tripping on fast landings.

All in all if you're looking for the best, this is it, look no further.

These are demo/display boards used very lightly by very selected customers we have two to sell at half price. The Imperator 6 has now been released.