Pivot kit Covert 26 V1

Transition Bikes

All Pivot Kits ship complete with all the necessary parts to get your bikes linkage feeling like new? Unless you?re bearing are shot? But that?s another story!

This Pivot Kit is compatible with the following TBC models.

2007  Covert 26 V1
2008 Covert 26 V1.5
Torque Settings are as follows:

Large Pivot Bolts: 150 in/lbs (16.9 N·M)
Small Pivot Bolts: 175 in/lbs (19.8 N·M)
Frame Shock Mounting Hardware: 125 in/lbs (14 N·M)
Rocker Shock Mounting Hardware: 200 in/lbs (22.6 N·M)