Airtime Replacement Valves & Bladders

Airtime have assembled only the finest name brand components at an economical price. Airtime don't see the need to private label common items just to charge you more. Instead they keep it simple and pass the savings directly on to you. A kite repair kit can't duplicate the results of a professional sewn repair but is a good option for those that aren't worried about resale value, or are fixing a kite that is at the end of its life, or can't access a professional kite repair facility. Regardless of the claims made by other kite repair kit providers, a DIY repair with fiberglass tape and glue will always look like a self fix, won't be as strong as a sewn repair, and can affect the performance of the kite by adding weight and affecting the stretch of the canopy. The backbone of the Airtime replacement valves or kite repair kits is the Seam Grip glue famous in the outdoor community for its incredible strength and flexibility. The Seam Grip glue not only works wonders seaming kite fabric back together but also works to reattach failing valves. This versatile glue allows Airtime to offer you fittings or a simple kit that will take care of almost any repair need you.